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Certified Personal Trainer |"Go-to Guy" | Body Sculpt & Indoor Cycling Instructor

Dennis has been in the health, fitness, and martial arts community since starting his martial arts teaching career at the Tucson Racquet Club in 1980. Between 1986 and 1999, Dennis managed and trained at gyms across the country, including Gold's Gym, SporTech AthletiClub, World Gym in Boulder, and Flatiron Athletic Club.


After his time as a personal trainer and martial arts instructor at Flatiron Athletic Club and a martial arts instructor for Young Olympians Karate, Dennis started his "mugging" (full contact self defense) career with Model Mugging of Colorado. He moved to the Woodland Park/Florissant area, opened Pikes Peak Model Mugging, and began working at 24 Hr Gym as the PT Director. He continues today at the successor to 24 Hr Gym, Woodland Fitness Center, and we're so glad to have him! Though semi-retired, Dennis stays busy training his clients and helping them to achieve their fitness and health goals. Dennis also helps run the fitness classes and PT program, and teaches an occasional Body Sculpt and Indoor Cycling class.

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Certified Personal Trainer | Resident Yogi | Yoga Instructor

Julie began her fitness journey over twelve years ago as a way to conquer her own anxiety. She never dreamed it would lead to finding her passion, calling, and profession! 


Julie earned her 200 hour intensive yoga training certificate at Sanctuary For Yoga in Nashville, TN in 2014. She has been an enthusiastic student and teacher ever since - constantly learning, growing, and honing her skills along the way. As an instructor, Julie's classes are focused on Vinyasa yoga, and are heavily influenced by Kundalini, Iyengar, and restorative yoga styles. Julie puts her heart and soul into her practice, and strives to create classes that are mentally and spiritually uplifting as well as physically challenging.  Humor, personal anecdotes, and stories help illustrate yogic principles in her classes.


As a personal trainer, Julie enjoys training clients to reach their personal fitness goals. She believes women have spent long enough focused on getting smaller and becoming “less.”  Instead, Julie helps clients focus their energy on becoming "more" by developing more positive goals like getting stronger and achieving personal bests. Another goal for her is to help people find the kind of exercise they love, so that they will stick with it for life. She spends her free time lifting weights with friends, and hiking and kayaking with her family and silver lab puppy Georgia. 


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NASM Certified Personal Trainer |Motivating Mentor

Nate Wilson is a lifelong Woodland Park native. Throughout middle school and high school, he played football and baseball. Nate started working out at home at 12 years old with his father and was taken to the gym frequently by mentors. In his early 20s, in need of a healthy hobby, he became deeply engaged with fitness and personal health. It quickly became a passion and he decided to become a certified personal trainer. Nate is certified through NASM and has certificates for Fitness Nutrition, MMA Conditioning, Resistance Training, and is now a Behavior Change Specialist. 


Since becoming certified, Nate has worked as a health coach for a respectable Corporate Wellness program and started his own LLC, Elite Fitness. Elite Fitness provides personal training and mentorship to adolescents in the Woodland Park community and beyond.


Nate specializes in strength training, athletic training, and nutrition coaching. In my training sessions, Nate focuses on working closely with his client to establish and conquer goals.

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Certified Personal Trainer | Kettleball Queen

Jessie has been a fitness enthusiast and personal fitness trainer and coach for 20 years. She began her training career while attending the University of South Carolina studying Exercise Science. She has competed in various strength and fitness genres, written articles, and has appeared on television promoting health and fitness. She loves functional style training and her goal with any client is that one day they will have the knowledge, confidence, and ability to not “need” her!


Jessica, her husband Jim, and their two amazing children have recently relocated to Colorado. They love being a part of Woodland Park and it’s community!

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Certified Advanced Fitour Personal Trainer | Barre, Spin, and Total Body Workout Instructor

Eve Lawrence, began her fitness career in 2002 after receiving a full ride soccer scholarship to play NCAA college soccer. While earning her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Eve was honored to work with tri-athletes at the Olympic Training Center. Throughout college, Eve applied and solidified her knowledge through individualized coaching and training of multiple athletes on and off campus. Upon graduation, Eve won a spot on the Colorado Women’s semi-professional soccer team. During the off season, Eve was a head guide for both rafting and training of raft guides. She was also an adventure mountaineering guide whereupon she trained fellow employees in functional fitness and advanced strength specificity exercises.

In 2007, after spending a year in Thailand training and educating 37 orphan girls, Eve moved to Texas to teach physical education, health and outdoor education and assumed the head women’s soccer and cross country coach at a 5A West Texas high school--and for the first time in history, CHS girls competed at the state play-offs. Four years later, she and her husband Tyler, a fellow fitness instructor, moved back to Colorado to continue teaching, coaching, and training. Today, Eve is certified in 7 internationally recognized group fitness programs, holds Advanced Instructor Modules in 3 of those programs, is an Advanced Fitour Personal Trainer, and has been internationally recognized in those certifications through LesMills Studio Superstars, alongside her husband.


It is Eve’s hope to inspire, educate, and train her four young children and others in implementing and understanding the importance of fitness and overall wellness.

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Certified Personal Trainer | Total Body Workout Instructor

Helen is a highly motivated leader with a diverse background and a passion for healthy living! 

Originally from California, Helen is holds certifications as personal trainer, professional ski instructor, and exercise science expert. As an avid hiker, marathon runner, skiier, and swimmer, Helen strives to maintain an all around healthy lifestyles, and is enthusiastic about encouraging this in others. 

Helen likes to focus on the needs of the whole body by considering diet, metabolism, conditiong, etc, when creating personalized training plans for her clients. Helen specializes in weight loss, custom fitness programs, supplement regimes, and accountability coaching. 

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Certified Personal Trainer

Ann Bunge is a certified personal trainer at Woodland Fitness.

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