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Dennis Warren

Dennis has been employed in the health and fitness profession for almost 30 years.  He has been the Martial Arts Instructor and a personal trainer for Tucson Racquet Club in Tucson AZ.  He has been the Personal Training Director for Gold's Gym in Cardiff CA, SporTech Athletic Club in Lafayette CO, and World Gym in Boulder CO.  He was the Martial Arts Instructor and a personal trainer for Flatiron Athletic Club in Boulder CO for 15 years.

Dennis was a live-in cook/trainer for the overweight owner of a video game development company in Boulder and helped his client lose 60 lbs. in a year while feeding him pork chops, pizza and pasta! Currently among Dennis' clients are a retired Marine Vietnam-era fighter pilot, a charge nurse, an executive with Cripple Creek/Victor Mine, a fire fighter, and a retired marketing executive.  He also volunteered to train the Teller County Sherriff's Office SAWT/ERT team to prepare them for their annual SWAT competition.

Dennis has certifications in Advanced Personal Training from FiTour and indoor cycling instructor from FiTour.  Dennis currently has some available hours for new clients for his personal training business (Misery Loves Company Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling.  He specializes in the mature population (40-45+) and looks forward to working with anyone of any condition who is truly invested in their health and fitness.

Dennis can be reached at 719-641-1334,, or