Ali Grimm

Welcome to Woodland Fitness Center!

My name is Ali, I teach group classes in Body Sculpt, and am a Certified Zumba Fitness and Toning instructor. I created and designed the gym’s only Core class focusing on strength, stability, and flexibility. Teaching my students proper posture, strengthening techniques, and form they can utilize in any arena of fitness and athleticism. Currently certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.

My story may be unique from the typical trainer. I’m the epitome of a late bloomer.  I was never considered athletic and it didn’t come naturally for me. My focus was in anything else, mainly my career. Working 50-60 hours a week in a high paced, high octane pharmaceutical advertising agency for over a decade. Meeting deadlines and traveling, on-the-fly, was a typical day. Would eat anything in front of me, if I had a chance to eat at all. Countless happy hours with friends and clients and many all-nighters later, I met my husband and everything changed. As a military wife, I traded in my jet-setting career for multiple cross country moves. Marriage and 2 pregnancies quickly changed my passion from career to family. Staying home with 2 babies, sleeping and eating when I had a chance, was my guide to a thicker waistline. Still without a focus on nutrition and fitness, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes on both my pregnancies. With a death sentence given to me by my doctor, stating that without a major lifestyle change I would be fully diagnosed with Type II diabetes by age 40. Way too young to have this disease, a fear of insulin shots, a family history of heart problems, arthritis and diabetes, I vowed to make drastic changes for me and my new family.

I started just like anyone else, and took my first step into a gym. Completely lost and timid, skipped the weight room, went straight to the treadmill and took my first group class. It was when I joined a Zumba Fitness class, 10 years ago, that I knew I could teach and do a better job than my instructor was doing. I spent the next 5 years studying Yoga and Group Fitness and following the Zumba industry at various facilities wherever the military sent us at the time.

A few years later with a stronger physique, I ran multiple small races and placed well, I built up the courage to pace a friend in the Leadville 100. A terrifying, cold, and emotional experience that changed my view on endurance runners forever. Not knowing how I would do in a half marathon, I decided to go for it and run one on a mountain on my own. Surprisingly brought home a 1st place trophy in my age group.

At 41, I decided to hit another bucket list challenge and compete in a figure competition. Delving into bodybuilding and learning how weight training is truly life changing and the key to achieving the physique I was striving for. Building strength and good nutrition is only half of it. 100% dedication to the gym and testing your willpower is the part that brings most people to failure. With some close friends and family being surprisingly unsupportive, I pressed on and brought home 2 trophies, one being 1st in my age group.

My next adventure is coming and a work in progress. I am able to achieve many goals because of my passion for health and fitness. My focus is to teach you this lifestyle. No matter what your goal is, don’t set limits, give it time, be consistent, be dedicated, rise above your obstacles, and invest in yourself! This is your time and I would be honored to help you reach your own personal goals!

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